The safety and well-being of not only the Barnes Employee, but for our subcontractors, our clients, and the public will take precedence over all other goals or project milestones.  

Barnes Electric is a member of ISNetworld, Avetta, and BROWZ.   

Barnes’ ensures commitment to electrical and construction safety standards by encouraging our team members to communicate concerns and/or suggestions, promote safe work practices, regular training and  OSHA 10, IBEW, NECA to further promote safe practices. Each of our employees has the authority to STOP any job should they determine it unsafe.


Safety is our core focus and value. Each of our employees has the right and responsibility to take ownership of their personal safety and the safety of all involved in the project. Our most valuable asset at Barnes Electric is our employees. Barnes’ management team ensures a culture in which all employees have the opportunity for continuous training. We take pride in completing every project incident and injury-free.


Barnes Electric strives for an open environment in which new ideas, technical innovation, and continuous improvements occur through lessons-learned meetings. This environment aides in evaluating our project performance, target areas for improvement, and is incorporated throughout our organization through the Barnes Training Program.


Barnes is not only committed to our employees, but we are also committed to the industry we serve and to our customers and our communities. Zero incidents is always the goal. All of our employees — no matter what their title — has the right to STOP a job should they view something to be unsafe or direction of a project unclear. Barnes will always stand by our employees in this situation. It is our conviction to have all employees return home safely each day. Our workforce is the backbone of our company and extended family. Yearly, we recognize those employees who have demonstrated a commitment to a safe work environment.

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